Friday, September 5, 2008


Girls Raised in the South (Holla Myrtle)----Never forget it props Chach

Stat Quo-"Dear Summer"

Love Stat follow next post in honor of the kid....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Osei Jenkins feat Aren B-"Love is Gone"

I think this kid repeats what he says over and over and over and....Just liked when the beat dropped and whoever Aren B is kinda like my lastname----iZZo

Lloyd Banks-"I'm Right Back"

I like Banks

Jake One feat Freeway & Brother Ali- "The Truth"

Can't be the only thing worth listening to today, kids on a hunt for Sept 4...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Charles Hamilton-"Windows Media Player"


Termanology-"Please Don't Go"

This is kinda Termanolgy's girl song I guess, but it is a BANGA! Do the peep thing sideways triangle clicking...

Slim feat Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes & Freeway-"So Fly Remix"

Case some of you don't know or forgot about the kid Slims ya man from 112 and I like this joint- Peace Up A-Town Down

Kardinall Offishall-"Nina"

You may have an issue with this video until a few seconds in and it's only a snippet, but I've heard 5 songs off of the new album and I think this will be the best one on the cd--Me pretty black nina

Kardinal Offishall feat Estelle-"Due Me a Favor"

This is OK but it's off Kardi's new ish Not 4 Sale September 9

Ciara feat T-Pain"Go Girl

You know I only post shit worth listening to, if you don't like it your girl will

New Q-Tip-"Gettin Up"

Ain't sure if you heard this yet but it's ight

Jermaine Dupri-"Swagger Like Us"

Can't believe Janet's got a man shorter than me(maybe same height) SLU!

Jada-"New Track Previewed"

K so apparently Jadakiss is dropping his new album "Kiss My Ass" end of October/ Early November, he drops a bit of it here and it sounds just like ya boy--possibly top 3 alive def top 3 most underated alive

Tony Yayo-"3 Straps"

Yayo rhymes with aO---Some shit no?? Dad can I get them new Hannah Montana Louis'

Lauryn (New)-"World is a Hustle"

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New B-Real "Snake Eyes"

This speaks for itself----->

Homeboy Sandman "Freestyle"

Yo never heard of this kid before, maybe I'm napping-never do I ever sleep but song's called it is what it is, listen to the first couple minutes. I'm not sure what's going to happen to this kid but he kicks a little different and I'll give him credit...aOnEE

Dj Muggs feat Planet Asia-"Sleeper Cell"

This is a solid track, decent just throw it on kind of thing Asia's got flow so much respect and pick up that new Muggs-drops on the 16th I believe...

Jeezy-"Suck it or Not Freestyle"

This is somewhat new, figured I'd drop it to honor Jeezy on his release date of The Recession. Not the biggest Jeezy fanatic but I loved what Cam'ron and Lil Weezy did to this, might throw it up later if nothing greats going on....

Lily Allen feat Wale-"Smile Remix"??

My boy hit me off with this one figured I'd share, not sure if this is the real but Wale's on it regardless and that kid's getting the hype and this "remix" is dope---click play and judge for yourself

Stat Quo "Dear Summer Pt. 1"

He's got stories peep this out-Stat is nasty and part 2 will be out and I'll stay on it...

One for the Ladies...

This is a new Ne-Yo joint called "Lie to Me" and I think it's fire, say what you may but I dabble in the r&b and this kids GOT it, his new cd is going to be heat<--that's what she said...

Lil Wayne feat Mike Tyson-"American Dream" No Dj

This is actually a song that was out a month or two ago with Big Mike screaming all over it. He's not on this version and it was up online a couple of days ago...

Cassidy-"Neva Lie"

I feel Cass on most stuff-flow ain't really crazy in this but beats nonsense and you don't have to hear G-Unit on it----aO

Monday, September 1, 2008


Whats up? New blog created by yours truly, the kid that is known to many as aO. This is going to be primarily a hip hop journey (some other stuff may apply) and I hope anyone who checks it out feels it like I do. Anyway I'm going to start it off with a song I heard a little while ago that I think is currently the dopest song out(my opinion on that may change in an hour, week, maybe even a month probably wont take more than a day or two.) It's called Announcement and done by Common and Pharrell. I'm going to put up the official video because it's a good one. Common gets pretty nice in this song but my opinion Pharrell eats this up-----i and i