Friday, November 13, 2009


K song was already put out on youtube a few days back with a few thousand views--think this one has to grow on me a little more but it is a Rza/Pharoah jam with our boys from The Keys.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dilated Peoples-Back Again

Kind of just in a shits and giggles mood and half of the new stuff blows so why not throw up a Dilated BANGER--this song is retarded and Evidence goes bonkers...........................

Alicia Keys-Doesn't Mean Anything

Whatever you want to think---think it---I'm in the mood, she's a musician, and I can't wait for her new project to drop... gotta drop something for the ladies

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nature-Man's World

K if you don't know Naure(I'm not doubting you do)then you definitely remember The Firm. This joint was off one of his solo projects(For All Seasons). Older song but a friend brought it to my attention--I'm a bar for bar New York die hard hip hop fan and your boy goes in...

Monday, November 2, 2009

BlackRoc Webisode #5--(Nicole Wray & Jimmy)

Didn't know my newly most respected James is all over this one too---"She so hot and aint another brother cool as me/to get her cold as me I think I gotta buy her jewlerrrrrrrrry!!!!---*dead*

BlackRoc Webisode #3-(Jim Jones Session)

Should throw all of these webisodes up (and just might)--and I haven't heard enough of Jimmy's music to have a REAL opinion, but this earned a bunch of respect points in my book....

BlackRoc(Black Keys+Dame Dash)--Mos Def/Jim Jones--Hoochie Choo!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, thanks to an Uncle I had the chance to hear this over this past weekendish, and might not be up on my hip-hop news, but it could be cause half of these "hip-hop blog" sites are throwing up RAP news--not hip-hop. Regardless, not sure how a Wiz whoever gets a post over this ish right here. This is music, and this makes me keep going. Go to for the whole deal--and album drops November 27th! Mos is the man and Jimmy Boy goes harrrrrd!