Friday, May 15, 2009

Rae-Staten Go Hard

This is gat hoody rap/fuck around put a fully in your back....

D-Block/S.I.-Get that Paper

Didn't think I was going to like this but it's a banger, Sheek kinda kills it, Styles is on some drop top aqua blue porsche on em', and Jada's diamonds are blu-ray...L O X mothafucka

Mona Lisa/Lost Boyz-Can't be Wasting My Time

Krs-One beat, that I'd rather listen to this alllllll dayyyyy rather than KRS....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vaughn Anthony-In your Shoes (John Legend's Brother)

Who the hell knew John Legend had a little brother??

Afu Ra-Whirlwind

This was in my head---if you ain't know so....

Nino Bless-Conglomerate

Kid does a 7 outta 10 on this...RESCHPECK aO's Conglomerate


Dunno, I'm still suburb, white and guttttta enuff to like tha unit although this kinda sucks

Meth/Red-Dis iz 4 My Smokers

Meth used to be my favorite rapper, like beyond favorite---when I was 13....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Cuz

In case you ain't know so...'s ao so (If you were wondering where Guru sampled the last song from it's right hurrr)

Guru-Lost and Found

New sh!t---Streetsweepers MOTHERFUCKER!!! kazuki

the hangover-movie trailer

perfect!!!! June 5th release date...

Colin Munroe w/ Joell-Piano Lessons


Not a soul better than Joell Ortiz--REAL

Blaq Poet-Ain't Nuttin Changed

Remember Hip Hop???? Preeee to the m o

Ghostface/Ron Brownz-She's A Killer

K this is what it is, but it's Ghostface and if you ain't feeling him, go back to your mommy made me "hip hop artists"....

Jay Rock-Hottest in the Hood Verse

Like to say this is funny, but dude might see this one day(prob not) and come looking----KID IS GANNNNNNGSTA

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eminem-Bagpipes from Baghdad



This ain't really all that but this is going to be a good disc...

Eminem-My Mom (This One's kinda bangin)

I never had a tough family life but this makes me wish I did. This one is in honor of Valium...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ron Brownz-Amazin

Brownz is the "ether boy"(produced ether for Nas when he was going at Mr. Carter) and he talks his shit on this, Kanye beat, Lebron/NBA commercial, whatever else...


Kevin Rudolf/Lil Wayne-Spit

get it done

Jadakiss- AYO freestyle

Obvious why i dropped this one, if you dont know you will......oh and the beats off method and reds new cd blackout2 think its the first single release--dropped about a month ago---->aO

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lil Wayne-Fix My Hat



Heard this "freestyle" a while ago but like I said putting it up for the beat, and dude twists this up--"had to upgrade like mortimer and randolph, COMING TO AMERICA"

Tyga-Diddy Bop

"I love hip hop when I walk I diddy bop"-Akbar

Kid's got lyrics, gonna post another mostly cause of the beat...

Slum Village feat. Marsha Ambrosius-Cloud 9

This is a gotta grow on me type but its Slum....

Wiz Khalifa-Knock You Down

Can't think of what song that beat is, so if you know please let me know. I know it's an R&B number on the newer side with a girl

Phil da Agony feat. Talib- Think Green

K this ain't his best song but Phil is crrrrazzzzy and its a green record, give it a whirl


Alright this shits kind of funny, threw it up to big up King Floyd-Groove Me for the sample on the beat. And dude says "I'm on point like Rondo." Most improved player in the league this year without a doubt.

Rappin 4 Tay-Players Club

Ok this is nuts, just click play (If you were born before 85ish I guess)..

New Eminem(dropped today) feat. Dr. Dre Old Tme's Sake

So this is going to be a kind of a big deal kind of album and I'll try to get up all the songs I can before it comes out(Might put some up after it drops just cuz. And "I'm Dre from/back in the day from/NWA from/black and the gray from......

Old Posts

It's been a while since I've been fooling around on this site at all and damn, videos get taken off with a quickness by some youtube users. That's really all I'm throwing up on here for now(until I can really bring the computer geek outta me). So if you go to click on an older post expect it not to work. But holla at drake and I got more coming, wayyyy more....

Drake--Best I ever had

1st and foremost this is ladies jam. And I ain't really listen to this kid all that much, but he's getting all the hype right now and I can't lie this is a crowd catcher hit. Think it's on the radio and I've been hearing it there, so I'm a bit late on this. Regardless this is a pre-summah bangah!! Made me get this ish back and going again. a to the O back on the blizzog---I got this...